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Often the data source we need already exists digitized in another system and users no longer accept manually typing the same information over and over again, making interoperability a fundamental key in tech solutions.

At Craftere we develop interoperability architectures from scratch or services to communicate with external partners using standard data formats whenever possible.

We build responsive and user friendly web applications for efficient management of different industries using the most current technologies that are compatible with the client's product portfolio.

We are living in a mobile-first society and that's why we offer services to turn your product idea or web portal into a fast-loading, high-performance and secure mobile application with a great user interface and simple navigation.

In the IoT ecosystem the data integration step is crucial to collect data and connect from multiple IoT devices. Craftere offers the service of connecting, transforming and making data available in APIs to be consumed by other products.

This eliminates the complexity of having to understand how the device works.

Do you have an idea but don't know how to turn it into a product? We help you to plan and develop a scalable product according to market needs.

Is the product you have not enough? We review your business needs and develop practical and reliable engineering solutions to solve your IT challenges.








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